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All posts by Gluteno

Gluten free food tags

Gluten free food tags Recently, we have been working on a project to design and create gluten free food tags. The tags to identify a dish, lunch pack or product that is gluten free. You may wonder how big risk you take eating at restaurant, having a hotel breakfast or buying some non-labelled products. Our […]

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Certified gluten free restaurants in Krakow

Certified gluten free restaurants in Krakow So there you are, eating out at a restaurant. You have this little bell going off in your head that says, “I wonder if the kitchen staff is going to contaminate my food with wheat flour, breadcrumbs or other ingredient containing gluten?” Although it’s hard to eliminate such a […]

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GlutenFree and Me – a blog worth following

Resources with hints for gluten free travellers In the Internet you can find plenty of blogs and posts about travelling or living with gluten free diet. In gluteno.eu I will recommend other relevant and helpful resources or blogs which will help you live your life or enjoy your journey to Krakow and other parts of […]

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Polish-English glossary – Gluten free

Reading product labels in grocery store – sounds familiar? This becomes a challenge when you go abroad. Many products are sold around the world in packaging that does not list the ingredients in English. This glossary provides Polish and English words that are associated with a gluten free diet. The words and phrases are meant […]

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Gluteno launches in Krakow!

It is said that Krakow’s city center has more than 400 restaurants and food establishments. Have you ever wondered how many of them serve gluten free food? Gluteno is starting to research this question.

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