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post-title Certified gluten free restaurants in Krakow

Certified gluten free restaurants in Krakow

Certified gluten free restaurants in Krakow

Certified gluten free restaurants in Krakow

Certified gluten free restaurants in Krakow

So there you are, eating out at a restaurant. You have this little bell going off in your head that says, “I wonder if the kitchen staff is going to contaminate my food with wheat flour, breadcrumbs or other ingredient containing gluten?” Although it’s hard to eliminate such a risk, we can limit it by choosing certified restaurants where the staff was trained by Polish Coeliac Society .

“Menu bez glutenu” – project by Polish Coeliac Society organisation

The Polish Coeliac Society runs the project called Menu bez glutenu  (Eng: Gluten free menu). The project is not only for restaurants, but for all type of establishments where gluten free food is served:

  • Restaurants
  • Cafes
  • Bakeries and confectionery shops
  • Hotels
  • Pension, inns, and other lodging

When a food establishment joins the Menu bez glutenu project, the Polish Coeliac Society takes a number of actions to ensure that diners are served truly gluten free food. A representative from the organisation visits the venue to check the food preparation process. The individual also trains the staff about gluten free diet and gluten free products. The establishment owner signs an agreement that the staff adhere to the designated process to maintain a gluten free environment. The restaurant receives a certificate officially confirming the dining place as part of the Menu bez glutenu project; establishment owners often display the certificate inside their premises.

Menu bez glutenu labelThe gluten free establishment receives also an official label which is used to identify the establishment as gluten free. The restaurants are allowed to use this label on their facades, print materials, menus and websites to indicate they have joined the project. Customers visiting the certified restaurant can expect to find gluten free dishes clearly labelled in the menu.


Menu bez glutenu &

We at want to inform travellers and locals on a gluten free diet which food establishments in Krakow participate in Menu bez glutenu. Visitors can then consciously make decisions as to what type of dining place they would like to go to, certified or otherwise. categorizes participating restaurants in a dedicated listing entitled “Certified by Polish Coeliac Society”. Restaurants included in this category can be found on dedicated map below.

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Certified gluten free restaurants in Krakow

The list presents restaurants in Krakow that participate in the Menu bez glutenu project. Entries are presented alphabetically.

  • Cafe Oranżeria. This restaurant is located at the top floor of the four-star Kossak hotel. The glass walls, as well as the tables on the terrace, provide a stunning view of Wawel Royal Castle and the Vistula River.
  • Manzana. A Mexican restaurant in the Kazimierz district.
  • Percheron. Restaurant in the Kossak hotel (ground floor), open only from 12:00 to 18:00.
  • Pod Baranem. Restaurant located just 200 metres from the Wawel Royal Castle. Polish cuisine with a touch of European flavours.
  • WieloPole 3. Of the many vegetarian restaurants in Krakow, the only one certified by the Polish Coeliac Society..

Entries were last updated January 2016. Should the list change in the future, this post will be updated.

In addition to certified establishments, more and more restaurants in Krakow offer gluten free food. Despite the fact they are not part of the Menu bez glutenu project, they have decent gluten free offering and their owners and staff often (but not always) know a lot about gluten free diet. In many cases, places with gluten free offering are run by the people with gluten intolerance.

Always talk to the wait staff

Menu bez glutenu, which offers unquestionable support for celiacs travelling around Poland, has introduced standards to the gluten free dining business, thus increasing diner safety. W should however not forget the most important precaution – to talk to the wait staff and make them be fully aware of our diet and needs. Despite the fact of certificates, procedures and trainings, people tend to forget details and do their job with routine. Unfortunately coeliacs are not routine clients and it’s worth double checking if the kitchen staff will do what’s necessary to maintain the gluten free restaurant environment .


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