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post-title Gluten free food tags

Gluten free food tags

Gluten free food tags

Gluten free food tags

Gluten free food tags

Recently, we have been working on a project to design and create gluten free food tags. The tags to identify a dish, lunch pack or product that is gluten free.

You may wonder how big risk you take eating at restaurant, having a hotel breakfast or buying some non-labelled products. Our ambition is to limit this risk and we believe the food tags will help to achieve this goal.

Toothpick flags to the rescue!

Gluten free toothpick flag groupThe first tag we present is the gluten free toothpick flag. It can be used to mark any dish or product onto which you can attach a toothpick with paper flag: cakes, breads, buffet dishes, finger food, etc.
The toothpicks we use are 65 mm long with a 40 mm x 25 mm rectangular flag with printing on both sides.

Restaurants, cafes, hotels, grocery stores and individuals

The toothpick flag may be used for a wide variety of contexts and occasions. A partial list of situations and places where gluten free food identifiers might be appreciated includes:

  • Restaurants, to mark the gluten free dishes
  • Restaurants with buffet, to identify the gluten free dishes among other ones on the table
  • Cafes, gluten free desserts presented in display cases
  • Hotels, to mark the gluten free products and dishes at breakfast and brunch
  • Restaurants or catering companies organising banquets and parties with buffets
  • Food tasting events
  • For businesses with employees on gluten free diets – to mark the GF food offered at the company or during company parties
  • Health food stores, delis and bakeries with non-labelled products – bread, ham, cakes, etc.
  • Private parties and gatherings with guests on GF diet.

Customers on a gluten free diet will highly appreciate labeling.

The benefits of using these flags are twofold: appreciative consumers and greater awareness among business staff.

Build client trust. Toothpick flags give a clear indication of which dish is safe for a gluten free diet. When your customers feel safe, they will trust you. They will become frequent and loyal visitors.

Secure the gluten free environment. Your restaurant crew will easily identify gluten free dishes. They will pay attention, thus decreasing risks associated with cross contamination.

Want to get one?

You can purchase our gluten free tags in the e-commerce website Allegro. Click the button below to see the packages.

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