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post-title GlutenFree and Me – a blog worth following

GlutenFree and Me – a blog worth following

GlutenFree and Me – a blog worth following

GlutenFree and Me – a blog worth following

Resources with hints for gluten free travellers

In the Internet you can find plenty of blogs and posts about travelling or living with gluten free diet. In I will recommend other relevant and helpful resources or blogs which will help you live your life or enjoy your journey to Krakow and other parts of Poland being on a gluten free diet.

GlutenFree and Me

I would like to encourage you to check out the GlutenFree and Me blog. This is the blog run by Linda, who is an expat living in beautiful city of Wrocław and she’s a Mum of a kid with celiac disease.

Linda shares her experiences and challenges one would face having a kid on gluten free diet in Poland. Among other topics you can read how schools are, or are not helping out to assure safe food for kids on g-f diet. Linda also recommends a couple of establishments that are worth visiting. I propose to read Linda’s blog, but specifically the following two posts:

The post Gluten free Poland post is nicely wrapped up with the summary full of tips & tricks for in day to day precautions one should follow:

Be careful with:

Polish hams, sausages and bacon – almost all contain gluten

The famous polish kielbasa! ONLY buy the ones labelled gluten free.

Cross contamination, while many places may be able to give you something gluten free, the knowledge regarding cross contamination can be a bit hit and miss

Bakeries offering gluten free, these items may very well be baked on site which would make them low gluten, not gluten free, always ask and dont buy anything that isn’t individually wrapped from a bakery that also handles gluten items.

Airports! If you are going to be stuck in one for a while, bring food. Not even Warsaw airport has anything on offer.

Hospitals. No, really. Polish hospitals are terrible at feeding celiacs. If you end up in one (God forbid) you need to bring your own food. There are some exceptions to this, the lung clinics in the mountains see CF patients from all over the world and they are usually ok to feed those with allergies and celiac also.

Do you know other blogs or posts with valuable recommendations for gluten free travellers in Poland? Share it in the comments below! Thanks!:)

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