Natura health food store – Krupnicza, Krakow

Natura health food store – Krupnicza, Krakow

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Where I go in Krakow to get my gluten free on!

First-time visitors to the Natura health food store on Krupnicza Street in Krakow will most likely say to themselves, “They have made my day!” While other stores in Krakow only provide one or two gluten free sections or aisles, this store has almost an entire retail room overflowing with gluten free food.

Among other stores in Krakow, this is my favourite place for stocking up on gluten free products. I don’t get there as often as I’d like – it’s a bit far from where I live – but whenever I stop by, I always leave loaded up with bags full of goodies.

The Natura health food store chain

The store at Krupnicza street is one of four Natura health food stores in Krakow. The others are located at ul. Zamenhofa 1, ul. Balicka 18c, and ul. Krakowska 26 (the latter opened November 2015). This chain of health food stores, with a long history in Krakow, began selling gluten free and health food products nearly 20 years ago.

Natura at Krupnicza: The details

In the Krupnicza store, you can find many, many products specially labeled as gluten free (look for symbol with the stalk of wheat). They carry hard-to-find products and brands, including Nutri Free.  Customers can have made-to-order gluten free baked goods (bread, rolls, baguette) delivered directly to the store. The customer can then pick them up usually Wednesday or Friday. In addition to gluten free bread, pasta, and sweets, all of which are standard fare at other health food stores, the Natura store on Krupnicza offers a solid variety of products, including sausages, ham, ketchup, many ingredients for home baking,  as well as frozen pizza, fish- and chicken-fingers from Schar.



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Variety of gluten free products
Product availability
Staff knowledge and support concerning gluten free products
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Gluteno November 15, 2015 3:59 pm
Variety of gluten free products
Product availability
Staff knowledge and support concerning gluten free products

The Natura store at Krupnicza offers wide variety of gluten free produtcs. Not only can you buy there many products hardy available in other stores but you can also have made-to-oder baked goods, including bread, rolls and baguette.

The store located at Krupnicza 21 is a convenient five-minute walk from Krakow’s main square.

Customer service is fine: they are more than happy to help customers find the products they need and to explain details as necessary.