Entrance labels for gluten free friendly business

Attract new clients and inform visitors that your business is gluten free friendly.

Stick the labels on the entrance door and on the front windows to inform that you have an offering for people on gluten free diet.

We offer four types of entrance label, depending the business you run - see below which option suit you best.

  • Front side adhesive sticker
  • To be applied on the inside of a window for viewing from the outside of the window
  • Diameter: 13,5 cm
  • Made from high quality, durable silicon material

Gluten Free entrance label application

We offer four types of entrance labels that are designed for different types of business.

  • We are gluten free friendly” – for hotels, pensions and other lodging.  Also good for catering companies and any service company that provides gluten free food
  • We serve gluten free” – for restaurants, coffee shops, food trucks and other establishment selling food
  • We sell gluten free products” – for health food stores, delis and bakeries, grocery stores and small boutiques selling home made gluten free goodies.
  • We sell gluten free beer” – for pubs, restaurants and stores offering gluten free beers.

Want to get one?

You can purchase our gluten free tags in the e-commerce website Allegro. Click the button below to see the packages.

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