Gluten Free stickers

Stickers can be used to label the packaging of the gluten free food. They are also great solution to mark the kitchen tools and containers which are used in the food preparation process (knives, pots, toasters, everything that should be separate for gluten free food and regular food preparation)

The kitchen environment and food clearly identified as gluten free are crucial to your clients. They will feel safe and their loyalty will be much stronger. You can count on them coming back as they know the dishes are truly gluten free.

Stickers used to mark the tools and containers for semi-finished products help your staff to avoid cross-contamination. Cooks and waiters can easily spot which food is being prepared as gluten-free.

  • Sticker diameter: 40 mm
  • 500 stickers on a roll
  • Paper stickers, covered with UV mat lacquer

Gluten Free stickers application

The stickers may be used for a wide variety of contexts and occasions. A partial list of situations and places where gluten free stickers might be appreciated includes:

  • To label the gluten free food containers and packages
  • To label the tools used in food preparation process
  • To label the pizza packaging
  • To label the gluten free lunch packs and lunch boxes
  • To label the packaging of cakes and takeaway dessert
  • At home: to label the food, container and tools to take care about family members on gluten free diet

Want to get one?

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