Gluten Free Toothpick Flags

Toothpick flag can be used to identify gluten free dishes and non-labelled products. It is a small tool but serves a great help in handling the gluten free diet.

The toothpick flag is designed to help business to mark the gluten free dishes and avoid cross-contamination.
It is also for individuals to use at home or private parties to welcome guests on gluten free diet.

  • Toothpicks are 65 mm long
  • Flag size is 40 mm x 25 mm
  • Printing on both sides

Gluten Free toothpick flags application

The toothpick flag may be used for a wide variety of contexts and occasions. A partial list of situations and places where gluten free food identifiers might be appreciated includes:

  • Restaurants, to mark the gluten free dishes
  • Restaurants with buffet, to identify the gluten free dishes among other ones on the table
  • Cafes, gluten free desserts presented in display cases
  • Hotels, to mark the gluten free products and dishes at breakfast and brunch
  • Restaurants or catering companies organising banquets and parties with buffets
  • Food tasting events
  • For businesses with employees on gluten free diets – to mark the GF food offered at the company or during company parties
  • Health food stores, delis and bakeries with non-labelled products – bread, ham, cakes, etc.
  • Private parties and gatherings with guests on GF diet.

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